After the City & The Scene: Hull, some additions that were too good to miss! WITH LIFE, LOUDHAILER ELECTRIC COMPANY, STEVE COBBY AND MORE. OH, AND RED GUITARS, NOW ON SPOTIFY ETC!

We had such a good response to our first ‘The City and the Scene’ episode from Hull, that we decided to add a bonus 8 track E.P. just because we can. Maybe this will become the blueprint for this series. Let’s see once we travel down to Birmingham for vol. 2! But as from Hull, I was reminded by Chaz Jenkins from Chart Metric (and Beverley as it happens), that Fila Brazillia was an omission from the original list, so thanks Chaz for recommending their track ‘Soft Music Under The Stars’. It seemed fitting to add off the back of that, some more recent ambient sounds from Steve Cobby. Twitter was helpful here, so thanks Joe Hakim for putting me onto Cobby, as well as Hull’s own brand of grime rap of Chiedu Oraka. I do love a track with some knowing local humour that’s warm enough to invite you in as well. There had to be more from Mick Ronson of course, as well as our cover band Life. But starting us off, Red Guitars, who had decided to upload their first album Good Technology onto streaming platforms, since that first post. Let’s hope they get plenty of streams. And the same goes for Loudhailer Electric Company, a band whos bassist was in the original line up of Red Guitars, and whos guitar player has recorded with none other than…Mick Ronson. So we end pretty much where we started. As we’ve said before, everything is connected! All back to Hull for a bit then.