Ready Freddie

All this hullabaloo about Bohemian Rhapsody has put me in the mood to celebrate the life of Freddie (er, his real life not the one portrayed in the film - by all accounts because I don’t feel obliged to watch it), in the way befitting of the great man: a good strong Voddy cocktail.

[added note: I subsequently did see the movie, and I liked it, much to my relief]

Vodka was Freddie’s favourite tipple, so much so that Queen even released its own limited edition brand of the stuff, which I served at a summer birthday party as part of a classic Vodka Martini named ‘The Ready Freddie’. It went down rather well. 

Naturally, the Ready Freddie comes with an appropriate companion playlist, which we may as well call Ready Freddie as well - keeping things nice and simple darlings! However, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’ve never heard a Queen playlist quite like this one...

This isn't just Queen, it's Queen at its quirkiest and most flamboyant. One should only play these songs accompanied by the Ready Freddie because frankly, you’ll be conjuring up the spirit of Freddie both literally and metaphorically, dear. 

The playlist celebrates those moments where Freddie was in his element, winning over everyone else in the studio to create his unique, sometimes bizarre, vaudevillian vision. Which other rock band could make songs like Bring Back Leroy Brown, or Seaside Rendezvous? Only a rock band with Freddie in it, that’s what. He is on occasion, aided and abetted by “Deacy”, Queen’s dark horse hit machine (John Deacon delivered blockbuster Queen hits approx. every five years, including You’re My Best Friend, Another One Bites The Dust and I Want To Break Free). On Ready Freddie though, “Deacy” contributes two album tracks: the bright and breezy Misfire, maybe the first Queen song he ever got on a record, and the wonderfully loafy disco track Cool Cat, from the much maligned ‘Hot Space’ record. Both fabulous. 

The rest though, is pure Fred. Drink up, darlings! Like I said, flambo(u)yant.