despacio vol.2

Now, this concept of the Despacio playlist takes some explaining.

Despacio is Spanish for slowly, and this playlist series was inspired by James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) and Soulwax, who created the Despacio Disco — epic, hours-long sessions that feature slower ‘dance’ numbers, mixed with tracks that might be previously more associated with ‘yacht rock’ or guilty pleasures.

Here’s my interpretation: Despacio Disco is designed for that ‘pre-party’ vibe, though it just as easily becomes the party itself — just a more chilled version of the word party, where there is no dance floor, but you might expect people not to stand still. But as you dance, you will probably keep on talking and drinking too (why interrupt the flow when you are having a good time).

Despacio Vol. 2 as ever leads off with a Madonna track, this time it’s ‘Music’, which was the title and opening track of that album - back when new Madonna albums were very much still global events. The track is a wonder of electric-acoustic in my opinion and is guaranteed to get people gently bopping even if it probably deserves much more than that.

If you like this playlist, look out for Despacio Vols. 3 & 4, with the usual mix of lost classics, recent early evening bangers and the off hidden gem. Why wait for the summer when you can bring it right to you through music?